Moving To New Haven Is Going To Be An Adventure

My daughter has always been really smart, so it was not a surprise when she was accepted to Yale University. She was really excited when she found out she got in, them she told my wife and I she would be declining because she does not want to live so far away from home. Since I am retired and my wife works from home, we decided that we would move to New Haven.

This means that she will get the opportunity to go to the school of her dreams and we will not be very far. That may sound a bit extreme, but we are willing to do all we can to make sure she has the best education possible. This is something that we are viewing as part of the process. We are originally from New England, so it will not be so bad, well at least we are hoping it won’t.

Our son is in his early 20s, but he lives with us. He is excited about heading to New Haven. He says there are some really nice clubs there he can hang out at over the weekends. I am not opposed to that, but I hope that he can find a local college he can attend as well. It does not have to be a huge Ivy League School, but a decent community college would be nice.

My wife and I are huge fans of art, so we are happy to hear there are so many great museums and art houses in that area. The place we live in now is not great when it comes to things like that, so it will be an added bonus. I am also looking forward to living in a place that has four distinct seasons. After being in California for so long, I can honestly say that the brutal winters in New England are something that I will be looking forward to.

Weekend trips are something that we do a great deal. I am glad to know that we can drive to several great cities without exerting ourselves too much. For instance, we can head to New York City, spend the day there and head back without going through too much trouble. It is great that we are all on board and no one is going to have a hard time with the transition.