New Haven Connecticut Is Home To People Of Affluence

Most Americans might not be able to find the state of Connecticut on a map when they have one in front of them. They know it is somewhere in New England, but the state is also one of the tiniest in the Union. It might not feel all that small, given that it sits right beside Rhode Island, which is certainly a smaller state. However, both are sandwiched between New York and Massachusetts, which means they get overshadowed by larger cities to their north and south, that being Boston and New York City.

Both states have many citizens and businesses of their own, but they also serve as something of a stomping grounds for the rich and elite of those neighboring states. While Rhode Island is a bit of a commute from Boston, many parts of Connecticut are certainly within a daily commute of the Big Apple. So, there are many wealthy power players of major corporations that work in Manhattan in their lofty towers but go home to residences in places like New Haven, Connecticut when it’s time to call it a day and head home for dinner and a good night’s sleep.

That does tend to help the local economy of New Haven, given that there’s quite a bit of money living here and being spent here. Since a lot of it comes from elsewhere, unemployment in the area is very low, and so many businesses are able to sprout up here catering to the upper-income residential citizens and their many needs. On evenings and weekends when they’re in the areas, they expect fine dining, high-caliber entertainment, and luxury shopping. There’s also robust markets for things like high-end car care and premium lawn care services in the many great communities and neighborhoods.

New Haven is not without some corporations of its own though. Some businesses choose to be close to New York but not actually in it, or even decide to relocate here since their employees and upper executives actually live and reside here. WWE, the professional wrestling and sports entertainment promotional company is certainly one example of a nationally known business that has established its core presence here with its central offices calling New Haven home. Others have done the same, making New Haven a small corporate hub in its own right, given that it’s smaller, quieter, and slower than the Big Apple.