New Haven CT Presents To You Four Great Restaurants To Visit

Now we have found ourselves in New Haven, and it is going to be fun. I am going to introduce to you four of the top restaurants in the city so that you are prepared on vacation. You know it helps to have an idea about where the food is good, and these four establishments are sure not to disappoint. Have an amazing adventure in New Haven, and be on the lookout for these four restaurants serving up fine food.

Prime 16 is the name of the first restaurant we are going to visit in New Haven. It is a top ranked establishment, and do you get the inkling that you get to enjoy some steak? It is located on Temple Street, and the menu highlights actually mention burgers and wings. So, that one took you for a spin, but they don’t just serve up an ordinary burger. The reviewers rave about the burgers there.

Union League Cafe is on Chapel Street, and you are talking about steak, oysters and cod. Now you get your steak. Of course, you will find more than that on the menu. Duck Confit is another one of the menu highlights. It is mentioned that the menu items can be expensive, but hey, sometimes you want that formal dining experience, right?

Then there is Olea, and it is found on High Street. I think one reviewer puts it best when he or she says that this is innovative Mediterranean cuisine. Some of the menu highlights include suckling pig, tapas and sea bass. Mediterranean cuisine is never my first pick because I am not as familiar with it. However, it makes for a very interesting meal, and you are supposed to be having vacation adventures.

Tarry Lodge is the fourth New Haven restaurant we are going to discover together. It is found on Park Street, and here we go with the octopus being served in Connecticut again. This is an Italian restaurant, too. The place serves up pizza and all kinds of great Italian dishes. And then you have that delicious gelato waiting for dessert. Is that going to be what you end up having, pizza and gelato? That sounds good to me!

Stop by all four New Haven CT restaurants if you get a chance. Do you want my first pick again? What is yours? Mine would be Prime 16. I would want to go have that special burger, in a place that even looks like it serves steak. Those burgers must be really good.